Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The similiarity is outstanding!

After walking around the Fells Point Festival, headed back to the car...

Dad: "Ok, I'm tapped out. No more money we should head home."

Daughter: "Ok, if we don't have any more money to spend on the rides let's just go home and get some lunch."

Dad: "Great idea."

short pause....

Daughter: "Hey! That guy looks just like you!"

Dad: "Huh? Who? Where?"

Daughter: "That guy on those steps, he looks just like you daddy!"

Dad: "oh......him *realizes she is pointing to the homeless man nodding off on the steps of a nearby building*....uh how does he look like me?"

Daughter: "His beard and hair are as grey as yours, and he is wearing the same hoodie"

Dad: "hmmm...yeah...sure he does...uh ok so let's get home shall we?"

Daughter: "Ok.........boy he really does look like you!"

Dad: "ok, ok, ok"