Friday, November 12, 2010

Creepy Little Kid....

*arriving home after the typical Friday night TJ's and grocers stop. As I am unloading bags into the house Chloe goes ahead of me.*

Daughter: "Daddy, I'm going to go put my stuff down inside."

Dad: "Ok, thanks, I'll be right in"

Daughter: *running out of the house* "I saw something!"

Dad: "What did you see?"

Daughter: "It was dark and ran across the house!"

Dad: "You probably saw one fo the mice, it's cold they're coming inside now."

Daughter: "Mice are grey, this was darker and bigger!"

Dad: "baby, mice can look dark from a distance, they're small and run fast, now help me with these bags."

Daughter: "No, she was my size!"

Dad: "What!?...She?!'re size?!"

*temporary stare off; me at the car, Chloe on the porch*

Daughter:".....uh....maybe it was my imagination or something like that."

Dad: TOTALLY FUCKING CREEPED OUT.... proceeds to bake cookies anyway..