Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bed Wetting Training is in Full Affect

*slowly waking up and feeling Chloe's little foot with his, realizing she crawled into bed with him (normal routine)*

Dad: "Chloe, good morning are you awake?"

Daughter: "Yes. Can I have some cereal?"

Dad: "Sure, did you wet your bed?"

Daughter: "Nope."

Dad: (still laying on my side facing away from her) "Did you wet mine?....."

Daughter: "Nope."

Dad: *smile creeps across face*

Daughter: "Oh, wait....."

Dad: *eyes pop open and smile disappears*

Daughter: *shuffling around in bed* ", actually I didn't pee on anything."

Dad: *relaxes, starts to drift back off*

Daughter: "So can I have some cereal?"

Dad: *wakes back up*...."ok, ok...I'm going." *gets up heads to the bathroom and is cut off by 4 year old doing the "potty dance"*