Monday, April 11, 2011

I don't know where I'd be without your perspective.

Dad: "So how was your dentists visit?"

Chloe: "Good, he said I need to floss more, and that my brown tooth is getting loose and will come out soon."

Dad: *tugging on the tooth* "Yes, it is almost ready to come out, you need to give it to me if it comes out."

Chloe: "No way! I'm giving it to the tooth fairy, so I can get some money for it!"

Dad: "Well, yes, but I need to inspect it and contact the tooth fairy, so don't leave it anywhere, ok?"

Chloe: "Ok.......*pause* how was your day?"

Dad: *looking up from my dinner* 
"It was fine....thanks...stressful but fine otherwise."

Chloe "Why was it stressful?"

Dad: "Someone broke into my car."

Chloe: "Why didn't you lock it?"

Dad: "I did, but they broke the window and tore it apart."

Chloe: "Why?"

Dad: "I guess because they wanted to find something, maybe money."

Chloe: "Well, things could be worse."

Dad: *sits back and looks at daughter with a smile*
"Yes, you are right, they could be far worse."

Chloe: *mouth full of food, pointing fork at me*
"Yeah, they could have stolen my tooth."