Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Raspberry Chicken

Daughter: You shouldn't eat berries.

Dad: Well, some berries you shouldn't eat.

Daughter: Why?

Dad: Well some are poisonous and will make you sick.

Daughter: What kind can you eat?

Dad: Strawberries.

Daughter: I don't like strawberries.

Dad: Raspberries.

Daughter: I don't like raspberries. I like chicken, but not raspberry chickens.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thunder Cats....Who?

Daughter: "Can I have some more milk"

Dad: "Sure, go get the milk out of the fridge."

Daughter: *walks into the kitchen, gets milks, and struggles to bring it to me*

Dad: "Thanks." *pours milk*

Daughter" Thank you Daddy, I'll go put it back."

Dad: "Ok"

Daughter: *returns to couch to finish watching Totoro* "Am I a finder girl?"

Dad: "What? a Thunder Cat?"

Daughter: "No, a finder girl."

Dad: "What's a finder girl?"

Daughter: "A girl that finds things."

Dad: *staring at ceiling dumbfounded* "Yes, you're a finder girl."

Daughter: "I like cheese."

Dad: "You need to go to bed."

Daughter: "No...you do."