Monday, December 27, 2010

There's a Fine Lion.

*upstairs cleaning up daughters room as she recovers from the flu downstairs*

Daughter: "daddy.......Daddy..........Daddy!.......DADDY!"

Dad: *coming down the steps* "Yeah baby, what's up?"

Daughter: "You can't hurt lions because they are imported"

Dad: "Important?"

Daughter "huh?"

Dad: "They are important"

Daughter: "I know, that's what I said!"

Dad: *sighs and turns to go back to work on room*

Daughter: "DADDY!"

Dad: *from the top of stairs* "What!?"

Daughter: "You shouldn't eat them either."

Dad:......"Yeah eating lions is a bad idea."

Daughter: "Because they're imported."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Like Father - Like Daughter

Daughter: "My favorite word is No!"

Dad: "Oh? IS it?"

Daughter: "Yes!"

Dad: "Why is No your favorite word?"

Daughter: "Well Matt and Mommy say No is my favorite word."

Dad: *chuckles* "Well, they have a good point, but I think there is a difference between your favorite word and your most used word."

Daughter: "Huh?"

Dad: "What is your favorite word to say?"

Daughter:.....*thinking*..... "My favorite word is Love!"

Dad: *smiles* "That's a great word."

*long quiet pause.......*

Daughter: "But I do say No alot."

Dad: "Yeah you do."